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Our Mission

is the launch of a "One World Consciousness", which helps to sensitise people to the needs of nature and to conserve its resources; to preserve the dignity of animals and to cultivate a non-violent relationship with humans and animals.

Our Projects

“I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live.” 

Albert Schweizer

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Animal protection

Recognising animals as equal living beings 

Natural conservation

Exploring and raising awareness of ecosystems

(Project in preparation)

Artist in residence

Animal protection and nature conservation in the context of culture

Do you want to actively support us in our work?


We still have a lot planned and are happy about any support!


The majority of the members of our team have a background in film and television, which is why we focus on audio-visual and artistic aspects when realising our projects. This not only gives you the opportunity to get involved in animal and nature conservation and more tolerance, but you will also benefit from our wealth of experience in storytelling and television.

Some projects require you to be on site, at least temporarily (Portugal or southern Germany). For other projects, you can support us no matter where you are.

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Wüste Natur

Do you want to support us but don't have the time to actively do so?

Then you can become a supporting member or donate a one-off amount. Every amount, no matter how small, helps so that we can implement our projects! 

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