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Animal welfare & nature conservation

in context of the culture.

We promote an international mindset and tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding by awarding annual residency scholarships in a European country to international artists. The residency is intended to enable them to work intensively on an artistic project, particularly in the fields of (and/or) film, photography, video, screenplay, short film, literature, theatre, video art, graphic novel.

The content of the artistic projects should deal critically with the topics of animal welfare and nature conservation within the various cultures.

The scholarship covers the costs of accommodation and a travel allowance.

Junger weiblicher Künstler

Human-Nature Dialogue

Artist in Residence Scholarship 

The first Human-Nature Dialogue


will take place in June 2025.

Country of Residence: Portugal

The announcement will follow.

Put your name on the waiting list and don't miss out on any information.

Idea, Vision & Sequence

We invite international artists to reflect on their interaction with nature and/or animals in their home country as part of the residency and to place this interaction in the context of the culture of their respective home country. During the residency, the artist will produce a design, concept, sketch or similar for a work in the discipline of their respective art and realize this design within 6 months of completing the residency. The artist applies for the residency scholarship with a concrete project on the above-mentioned topic.

An essential part of the residency and the time on site is the exchange between the participants on the topic and the daily recording of the essence of this exchange in a video diary. The organizer will provide advice and support during this process on site. The material from the video diary will be made available to the organizer, who will use it to produce a documentary about the respective fellowship year.  

Two scholarships are awarded per year. The residency takes place for 4 weeks. The planned period for the 1st Human-Nature-Dialogue residency fellowship is 19 May - 15 June 2025. 

The scholarship includes accommodation, on-site support a travel allowance of €350. You have to organize your journey to the venue yourself and the  The costs for this (with the exception of the subsidy) must be borne by yourself.

This is preliminary information. Changes and adjustments are possible until the final tender and we advise interested parties to regularly check our website for information.

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