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The equality of all life

We created this foundation because we want to raise awareness of the concerns of nature and the needs of animals, and contribute to greater tolerance between cultures and within our society. 

The majority of our team comes from the film and television industry and/or has artistic roots. In our eyes, film and art are predestined for the transfer of worlds of experience and emotions in the sense of our defined goals. With our work, we do not follow the path of classical information transfer, but we want to sharpen the individual's perception of the world around them. In our opinion, this is the only way for people to begin to scrutinise contexts independently, to develop an individual attitude and, as a result, to take responsibility for their own actions.


We are firmly convinced that the training of a value-free perception is the basis for an appreciative, peaceful and non-violent coexistence beyond the boundaries of species.

Together we can make the shift!

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Every amount, no matter how small, helps so that we can implement our projects.

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“Nature has to be felt.”

Alexander von Humboldt

In a time when profit justifies exploitation, it is essential to realise at whose expense our own profit is based!


In a time when we have become accustomed to everything being available in abundance, it is vital that we realise that only what we receive with an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude will be available.

Humans are dependent on nature - but nature will also exist without humans! It is therefore up to us humans to learn to decipher the language of nature: To look, to feel, to perceive, to empathise with worlds of perception and experience that have become alien to us in our abstracted and rationalised view of the world, even though they surround us every day.

Only when we begin to feel what surrounds us and understand that it is not our right but a privilege to be able to feed ourselves from the earth will we be able to become people who can share the vision of equal rights for all life.

Our convictions

Aim of the work of the foundation associationEuropean foundation for dialogue between human & nature e.V. is the development of self-responsible human action in the awareness that humans are part of nature and therefore the consequences of their actions can never be viewed separately from what is happening around them.

The Team

Silke Katharina Kaiser

Board of the

Silke Katharina Kaiser


Dirk Carow


Lynn Kaiser

Financial coordination

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"A dream you dream alone is just a dream.

A dream you dream together becomes reality."


Yoko Ono

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Vanessa Spaeth

Coordination of public relations

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